Workers’ Compensation

Minnesota Workers Compensation Lawyers & Attorneys

If you are injured on the job in Minnesota, you are entitled to benefits under state law. The system of laws guiding administration of these benefits is known as Workers’ Compensation, although it is also referred to as Workman’s Compensation or simply “Work Comp.” The Work Comp system in Minnesota essentially requires every employer to provide some kind of insurance to cover injuries suffered on the job. If an employer does not carry work comp insurance, there is a special state fund which provides “safety net” coverage for the injured worker. The lawyers practicing Workers’ Compensation at Heimerl & Lammers are experienced in getting our clients the benefits they deserve. If you have questions you need answered, contact us today.

Should I Sue My Employer?

People suffering from an injury or work-related illness in Minnesota often find themselves being denied the benefits that the law was mean to provide. Often, these employees need an attorney to help guide them through this complicated system. Workers’ Compensation law in Minnesota was created by state lawmakers as an administrative entity. Therefore, it largely falls outside of the traditional court system. Instead of “suing” your employer for damages like you would in a negligence case, employees must file their claim through a state agency in St. Paul. Also, the types of benefits you might be eligible for are different in Minnesota for a work-related injury. For instance, employees cannot receive money for “pain and suffering” in Work Comp.

An Administrative Maze

Because the Work Comp system can be so complicated, it is important to consult a Minnesota Workers’ Compensation attorney as early as possible after you are injured. Even if you choose not to hire a lawyer immediately, there are things you should know so that you are best able to deal with problems when they occur.

We will Answer Your Questions

The biggest question we hear is “Can I lose my job if I file a Work Comp claim?” It is important to know that it is illegal to fire an employee as retaliation against them for filling a claim for injury benefits. If you are worried about being fired because you are hurt, contact our firm today.

Other questions injured employees have often involve “Independent Medical Examinations” or IME’s’ wage loss benefits; rehabilitation benefits, and questions regarding retraining.